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Real estate guide Warsaw

Warsaw is the leading city in Poland and the centre of business, political and cultural life. All the economic indicators show that Warsaw has the strongest economic background of all the major Polish cities: the highest GDP per capita, the lowest unemployment, the highest FDI inflow and wages growing at the fastest rate.
Warsaw is also one of the most attractive Central Eastern European capitals to locate business in due to its strategic geographical position in the region and its highly qualified and relatively cheap workforce.
For all those reasons, the Polish capital city qualifies for blue chip status. It has a quality market with excellent prospects for future growth and development.

Warsaw's residential market was the first in Poland to take off. Since 2004, the market has boomed due to increasing affordability for the local middle classes and huge demand outstripping supply.
We believe the market has stabilised since then, which is something that Warsaw's property market needs right now. It is also a sign that the market is developing and is healthy, which means it is a safe, low risk bet for property investors.

Cities such as Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Lodz are investment hotspots at the moment. However, smaller cities that are less well known, such as Olsztyn also have increasing potential for property investors. These cities often have large student populations and as such buying to let can often be a lucrative market.

The property market in Poland is growing at an astonishing rate. The availability of new flats in Warsaw and throughout Poland that are ready to move in to is a good indicator of how the property market is performing and the likely price rises.


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