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Getting around Warsaw

Warsaw has quite a large scale of efficent transport alternatives, though taxi isn't the best choice of them: It's expensive; especially when you want a trip from the airport. To avoid the high fares it is advised to order a taxi by phone. Savings can go up to 30%.

Another common way to get around is to use Warsaw's superb public transportation services. It's a safe, cheap, and efficent. Though Warsaw has only one metroline at the moment, it's still the the fastest option of traveling through the city and this way you can avoid Warsaw's terrible trafic. Fare costs are low: A ticket costs 2.45 zloty per trip, regardless of distance. You should always validate your ticket, otherwise the plain-clothes inspectors can fine you.

Traveling in the city by car can be hard, and the strict parking rules makes it even harder.

By car

You could hire a car, but as mentioned above, this may not be the wisest option, to which could be added the fact that even Polish people have some difficulty in comprehending the labyrinthine one-way system. Public transport is cheaper, quicker and more efficient.


As mentioned, overcharging can be a problem, though this can be discouraged by keeping an eye on a map of the city as you travel, which might discourage any thoughts the driver may have of taking the long way round.

Cab fares are set at a standard level, taxis can be found at taxi stands or ordered by phone, which is recommended, and higher fares apply outside of the city limits, at night and on Sundays and holidays..

Public Transportation

The city's public transport network is extensive and efficient and bus, tram and subway routes and tickets are integrated. Tickets are obtained from the 'Ruch' booths, but these are not open at night, so it's wise to keep a supply of tickets with you. It costs extra when you buy your ticket from the driver. The system runs from 4:30a.m. to midnight, with some night bus services as well.

There is a flat rate on buses, trams, and metro anywhere in the city. There is also a sightseeing bus (the180) which links Powazki Cemetery with Wilanow Park, stopping at many points of interest.


Single ticket: PLN 2.40
1-day ticket: PLN 7.20
3-day ticket: PLN 12
1 week ticket: PLN 26


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