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Districts of Warsaw


The Wilanów district is situated in the South of Warsaw, on the Left bank of Vistula River. In the West, the district borders Ursynów, in the North - Mokotúw and in the East - Wawer, a district situated on the right bank of the Vistula River. Wilanów is one of the most beautiful districts in Poland. It owes its fame to King Jan III Sobieski who decided to build his summer residence here. Currently, Wilanóws covers 3,673 hectares. Today, Wilanów is inhabited by famous politicians, artists, and diplomats. Apart from a few small district shops, larger shopping opportunities are found in the neighboring district. Thus, Wilanów remains tranquil. Lovely landscapes, peacefulness, easily accessible cultural monuments, and security are the district's best qualities. Wilanów is home to numerous lakes. The main centers of cultural life are the Wilanów Palace and the Museum of Posters. Apart from the Royal Residence, you can also visit the Orangery, the Chinese Arbor (a lovely park), and temporary exhibitions. The assets of Wilanów are its large green areas, possibilities of recreation in Natoliński Park, Kabacki Forest, Marysin, which is situated by the Eastern part of the Palace Park, and a charming area by the Vistula River. The district also has the greatest number of bicycle trails (ca. 8 km) in the capital. The cycling club "Wilanów" operates in the district and since 2001 it is even possible to play golf here.

The district houses 4 kindergartens, (2 private), 4 primary schools, 2 grammar-schools, 1 secondary school and 3 private schools. Wilanów also hosts American and German schools attended by children of diplomats and international assignees from the private sector. Investment in this area mainly concerns: housing, commercial, and service investments, villa residential areas, row houses, apartment complexes, residences, low buildings matching the specific character of the district, local commercial and service facilities not disturbing the peaceful life of the inhabitances, offices, banks, sport centers, cultural and tourist facilities, small hotels, restaurants and cafes.

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Ursynów district is situated almost entirely on the Warsaw Plain, 20-30 meters above the level of the Vistula River and it spreads over the Southern part of Warsaw. Ursynów stretches over an area of 43.8 sq km. In the district and its vicinity, there are three natural reserves. The reserve of the Kabacki Forest which is a remaining part of huge Mazowiecka Wilderness. There is also the Natoliński Forest and a newly created reserve called Ursynowska Escarpment. The district is almost free from industrial plants, buildings or equipment that, while operating, could be harmful to the natural environment.

The district has three means of public transportation: an underground line, bus lines and a railway line. They ensure both internal and external transport connections. The Eastern part of Ursynów district is has an underground line and several bus lines to the satisfaction of the inhabitants. There are 5 underground stations within the district: Kabaty, Natolin, Imielin, Stoklosy and Ursynów, from which it is possible to reach city center in ten to twenty minutes. This district is proud of its monumental complex of horse racing tracks, dated 1939, where each year ca. 700 races are held. A cinema complex - "Multikino" with its 12 screens and several restaurants can also be found in the area. The inhabitants of Ursynów district may take advantage of several libraries and swimming pools. There are: 27 kindergartens, 28 primaryschools, 13 grammar-schools and 14 secondary schools to be found in the district.

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Is situated on the left bank ofthe Vistula River. In the South, it borders the districts of Wilanów and Ursynów, in the West - Wawer district, in the East - Włochy and in the North - Ochota, Śródmieście and Praga Południe districts. Mokotúw district covers 3,542 hectares (35.4 sq km). Mokotúw is a residential district. Embassies, residences, foreign delegations, well-known companies, public administration offices, and radio and television broadcasting companies have found their place here. In the South-Western part of the district, within the close vicinity to the Okęcie airport and main roads and railway lines, there are service and industrial areas whose presence is not burdensome. There are many educational establishments in the district, including 54 kindergartens, 44 primary schools, 8 special schools, 20 secondary schools, 9 occupational schools, 21 secondary technical schools, 4 post-secondary schools, and 5 higher education establishments (Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw Agricultural University, Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw University, Warsaw Higher Economics School). Soon, three new private higher education schools will start operating. The number of educational establishments is sufficient and even surpasses the needs of the district. The inhabitants of Mokotúw can chose between 3 theaters, 2 cinemas, 9 museums, 20 allotment complexes and sport areas, 2 Jordan gardens, 17parks, 23 sport clubs, and 6 indoor swimming pools. The Mokotúw district has good public transportation connections with North and South Warsaw (Czerniakowska Street, Puławska Street, Niepodległości Avenue, Wołoska Street and metro line), although transport in the East-West direction are deemed less than adequate.

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Situated on the left bank of the Vistula River, in the very center of Warsaw, Śródmieście district covers the area of 1,557 hectares, i.e. 3.1% of Warsaw's surface. The district borders a railway line running through Warszawa Gdańska Station in the North, Jana Pawła II Avenue and Niepodległości Avenue in the West and in the South it runs thoroughly Batorego, Boya Żeleńskiego, Spacerowa, Gagarina, Podchorążych Streets, down Czerniakowska Street to the Vistula River and along Bartycka Street. Śródmieście district is characterized by a decreasing population and the greatest percentage of elderly people (over 60 years of age) in Warsaw. Most of the central and local authorities are situated here. Śródmieście district could be called the cultural and recreational heart of the capital. Many cultural and sport events of local, national, and international importance are held there. The biggest number of museums, galleries, theaters and cinemas are located here as well as a complex of monumental parks. These are, among others, Royal Łazienki (Łazienki Krúlewskie), Ujazdowski Park, Botanical Garden and Saski Garden. In terms of cultural wealth, Śródmieście district undoubtedly surpasses all other Warsaw districts. The district recently welcomed the building of a sport and recreation center (including a swimming pool) in Myśliwiecka/Gúrnośląska Street and a sport complex in Twarda Street. New modern skyscrapers are still being constructed.

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Zoliborz in the north of the city retains a unique charm. It has long been a popular area for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits with the Kampinos National park just a 20-minute drive away. Walking and horse riding are popular leisure activities. Shopping is in easy reach by public transport. Accommodation is plentiful and large houses or apartments are always available for rent. Rental prices range from EUR 1,500 – EUR 3,500 depending on the size and quality of accommodation.

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The district of Ochota is a mixture of old, Social Realist, and new buildings. There are a number of green open areas, which are great during the summer. The main tram and bus routes run through the district. Rents in this district are generally low in comparison with other more popular districts – EUR 1,000 to EUR 2,500 per month. Ochota is a good choice for those without children of school age, though the campuses of The British School of Warsaw are not far away. For full service shopping Reduta Mall, Al. Jerozolimskie is a convenient location.

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The residential district of Konstancin to the south of the city is a popular residential district. It is a good area for those whose children go to the American School in Warsaw. Rents within this district can range from EUR 3,000 – EUR 7,000+. Konstancin is about 15 km from the city center and has a very limited bus service. There are some local shops in the area but for the favorite choice - Auchan, a French supermarket outlet, is a good 15-minute drive away

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