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Faq about property buy in Warsaw

Are there any permits required to purchasing a property as a foreigner?

It all depends on your citizenship, whether you are a citizen of the EU or not and also whether you are purchasing as a private individual or as a company. Best thing to do is to check with the local authorities.

Does the purchaser pay a Real Estate commission fee?

YES. The Real Estate Commission fee is paid by the seller and buyer.

What is the lawyer's fee when purchasing a property?

The lawyer's fee for a property transaction such as a purchase is negotiable. Usually between 1-2 % of the purchase price.

Is there a lawyer's fee when selling a property?

No. Lawyer's fee is only payable in case of a property purchase.

Where do I pay my utility bills?

Utility bills most often are paid at the post office but arrangements can be made in order to be able to pay bills through internet banking.

Which districts are better for the purpose of purchasing an investment property?

Properties located in Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Lodz .they are investment hotspots at the moment. Search our Warsaw Investmnent Properties

Which districts are more suitable for families with school aged children attending International Schools?

The more suitable districts for families who's children are attending International Schools is district Wilanów due to the fact that these are closest to it plus these are nice quite family oriented neighbourhoods with lots of green space.


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