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Property rental Warsaw

If you are interested in property for rent in Warsaw and find the rules and regulations confusing, please go to our Useful information for tenants.

If you are looking for longer-term accomdation but are not willing to buy a property, renting is the best solution. And the best way to do it is through a real estate agency where you can call on the expertise and assistance of people who know the local area and the property market.

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Prices in Warsaw depend on the quality of the apartment, its location, and age. There are many blocks of flats from the years before 1989 which are of modest standard, but affordable for example, in Ursynow, a dormitory suburb of Warsaw, which is home to 140,000 people. This is a well-managed and safe neighbourhood and Ursynow properties are well connected to the centre by the metro.

Alternatively, the higher end of the market has been experiencing a boom in recent years, with many new construction projects coming on-line, often with extras like underground parking and fitness centres, additional security, etc.

Prices are highest in the city centre, falling off towards the periphery. Given that there is only one metro line, rents for properties in the districts on this line are higher.

As in every big city, some districts have a better reputation than others, and in Warsaw, the right bank and especially Praga Pólnoc, with its above-average crime rates, is considered less desirable than other neighbourhoods.

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You may find that your questions have already been answered in our FAQ section.

If you have any furhter questions or would like a consultation, please CONTACT US at any time and speak to one of our team.


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