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Faq about property rental in Warsaw

I can't speak Polish! Is this a problem?

Not at all. We are geared to dealing with overseas clients and our team all speak fluent English as well as Polish. If required, certified legal translators can also be provided. While in Warsaw, you will be given the mobile phone number of your personal consultant, who will be able to answer your questions anytime.

What do I do when I find an apartment I want to view?

Just send us an email or phone, and we'll arrange a time to look at the place.

Will I have to sign a tenancy agreement?

Yes. This protects the interests of both you and your landlord.

Will I get a copy of my lease immediately?

Usually you will get a copy straight away, but at the latest it will arive within ten days of signing. If it is taking longer, contact your Manager immediately.

What are the important parts of the lease I need to check before I sign it?

Make sure that the following information is contained in your lease:

  • The landlord's name and address
  • Your name (if you're signing with a friend, make sure both of your names and signatures appear on the lease)
  • The term of the lease and its start and finish dates
  • The monthly rent and when and how payments are to be made
  • Whether the landlord agrees to make any repairs or renovations to the apartment
  • Which utility bills are included in the rent (heat, hot water, electricity)
  • Whether or not you are allowed to have a pet in your apartment

How do I pay my rent?

You can pay cash (be sure to get a receipt) or by money transfer (in which case your bank statement will serve as a receipt). It should be specified on your lease which method of payment will be used.

Is the landlord allowed to access my apartment without notice?

No, your landlord should give you 24 hours' notice verbally or in writing before entering your apartment except if it is an urgent repair, then he may come with no notice at any time.

How much notice must I give prior to moving out?

If you are not a fixed-term tenant you must give 30 days' notice of your intention to vacate. This will be clearly stated in the Tenancy Agreement.

What do I need to do to renew my lease?

The expiry of a lease doesn't mean you have to move out unless you want to. A lease can be renewed, or a new lease made, if you and the landlord agree on the terms.


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