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Expat guide in Warsaw

The capital of Poland is also the country’s financial backbone and an increasingly popular destination for expatriates. It is less than a ten hour drive and even shorter flight from Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Vienna, and the beautiful Baltic Sea.

Around the city 82 parks, many museums and swimming facilities are available. In the buzzing night life several music, art or film festivals are held.

Several websites help the expats to give a wider view of Warsaw. Let’s see the bests.

Expats Warsaw

One of the only expat-oriented websites based in Warsaw. This site is actually a forum run by expats for expats.

Warsaw Life

A site focused on all aspects of expatriate living in the country, from restaurants to local customs.

Information for Migrants About Poland

A portal discussing all things about Poland.

Expats Guide

A great site discussing all aspects of your relocation from utilities to expat and local events  in your new home – Warsaw.

The Warsaw Insider

A monthly magazine (printed and online version as well) with the latest information that the city offers.

Warsaw’s Official Site

This site offers up to date and useful information for anyone interested in visiting or moving to the city.

Move One InMotion

In case of relocations, immigration, moving or pet transportation, Move One’s InMotion blog is a savvy source of info for expats on the move.

Daily News

For those who like the traditional way to get information here are the most reliable daily papers.

The Warsaw Voice

The Warsaw Voice is Poland’s first English-language weekly that has about 45,000 readers and provides general information, prepared and completed by Polish and foreign journalists and editors.

Warsaw Business Journal

Warsaw Business Journal is the leading international business publication in Poland. Published in English, it covers all aspects of business, law, real estate, economics and politics in all major cities in Poland.

New Poland Express

Polish news and entertainment in English.


Warsaw has a continental climate, with cold, snowy winters and mild summers. On average, summer temperatures range between 59°F and 86°F (15°C and 30°C), while winter temperatures range between 23°F and 41°F (-5°C and 5°C). July is the wettest month, though rain does fall sporadically throughout the year.
With all of the great things this city can offer, Warsaw can be an exciting destination for any expatriate.

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Expat guide in Warsaw

The capital of Poland is also the country’s financial backbone and an increasingly popular dest...

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